Community Service/Fundraising

Community Service/Fundraising is one of the four pillars the PwC Scholars program focuses on to develop future leaders.

Community Service Project

Each year the PwC Scholars develop and execute a large-scale community service project with a local non-profit organization. The students in the program also fully organize and implement several events on campus to support the annual project's fundraising goal of approximately $15,000. Throughout the year, students volunteer over a thousand hours towards the project. Volunteer hours are spent working directly with the local organization to develop a project that meets their needs.

The project culminates in a Community Service Day (typically at the end of April), in which all of the Scholars spend the entire day on the project build with the help of alumni from the program, faculty and staff from Binghamton University and representatives from PwC in New York City. Past projects include:

  • Gigi's Playhouse (2020-21): Scholars converted a room into a fully functioning kitchen area and created a jobs-skills development program to held Gigi's participants land jobs in the community. Scholars also held a number of virtual events with participants, including Zumba and baking classes. Read more here.
  • American Civic Association (2019-20): Scholars installed a mirror-flower mosaic outside the building and renovated a storage room, transforming it into a computer lab. Read more here.
  • Kali's Klubhouse (2018-19) Scholars worked with Kali's Klubhouse in Apalachin, NY., an organization that promotes rehabilitation to youth at risk and children with disabilities using mounted and unmounted equine activities. The Scholars provided a variety of services to help advance their cause, including aesthetic improvements to a newly constructed classroom and outside facilities, installation of kitchen cabinets and a library nook, and implementation of a career development program. Read more here.
  • Helping Celebrate Abilities (2017-2018) Scholars painted and renovated the facilities and installed interactive wall panels and mosaic lighting in the interior. They also created an outdoor learning space with a garden, pergola and fence. The group interacted with the students at the preschool throughout the year and held various holiday-themed events. Read more here.
  • Binghamton Housing Authority (2016-2017) In addition to creating a new indoor library, Scholars renovated the courtyard area for residents by replacing the metal benches with wooden seating. The also replanted the garden beds, installed a large mosaic and held game nights and other fun events with the residents.
  • Salvation Army (2015-2016) Scholars updated the Salvation Army kitchen with new cabinets, appliances and larger counter spaces to better service the community, and painted a lively mural to beautify the space. In addition, many Scholars volunteered at the soup kitchen in order to better connect with the project and the people they were helping.
  • Our Space at Recreation Park (2013-2015) Scholars partnered with Binghamton Parks and Recreation over a two-year span to create a handicapped-accessible playground, revitalize the baseball fields, and design and paint murals around the park.
  • Walnut Street Park (2012-2013) Scholars installed playground equipment, painted a mural and cleared two adjacent vacant parking lots, converting them into garden spaces.

Applications for consideration as a recipient of this grant are accepted starting in December. Applications are due by mid-April. You can apply here:
PwC Scholars Community Service Interest Form

Please contact Jenna Rosenberg at for more information.

2021-22 Community service project

The PwC Scholars are working with Stand With Me in Binghamton, N.Y. for their 2021-22 community service project.

Stand With Me is a non-profit organization that trains service dogs specifically for veterans with service-related mental health disabilities. Stand With Me trains each service dog to recognize when the veteran needs assistance, how the dog should respond, as well as help veterans feel comfortable in public spaces that they were not able to go to in the past because of the effects of their disability.

The Scholars plan to make exterior additions to Stand With Me that allow direct access to the studio from outside, along with handicap accessibility for veterans with physical disabilities. Marketing and fundraising events are planned for the entire academic year.


First-year fundraisers

First-year fundraisers are annual events run by the newest Scholars in the program, with the goal of raising money for the spring community service project and teaching new Scholars the process of developing, planning and executing a successful fundraiser.

At the beginning of their first semester, the new scholars are split into two teams. Each team will plan a fundraising event, and elects two chairpersons to lead meetings, mediate decisions, and communicate ideas. Over the course of the semester, the teams discover how to create a successful fundraiser under the direction of the vice president of fundraising. Students learn the process of idea creation, logistical planning, effective marketing, and event execution through the development of the fundraisers. Scholars learn the importance of communication and proper delegation of tasks to maximize efficiency.

"Date" Auction

The date auction is a unique networking opportunity that gives students the chance to bid on and win casual networking "dates" with top professionals within various business industries. All proceeds from the event are donated to the annual community service organization the program decides to help throughout the year. "Dates" can include dinners, office tours, and even bowling events.