PwC Scholars Program Leadership Team

Program Leadership Team

Director of Program

Molly Pianella, Director, SOM Master's Program Admissions and Student Services


PwC Relationship Partner: Seth Drucker '06

PwC Campus Recruiter: Francesca Gonzales

Student Executive Board (2023-24)

President: Katherine Bennorth

Internal Vice President: Chad Burks

External Vice President: May Dolphin

Vice President of Finance: Emily Milone

Vice President of Fundraising: Nicholas Martin

Vice President of Communications: Ryan Faude

Vice President of Development: Caitlin McMahon

Vice President of Marketing: Natalie Zera

Social Vice President: Kayla Buccellato-Singer

Book of Faces (2023-24)

A full list of PwC Scholars currently in the program, along with their career goals and involvement at Binghamton University, can found in the Book of Faces