Professionalism is one of the four pillars the PwC Scholars program focuses on to develop future leaders. Opportunities here include:

Sophomore Case Competition

The PwC Scholars Sophomore Case Challenge takes place over the course of a few weeks in the spring semester. All sophomore Scholars are separated into teams and select a problem or trend. Teams select datasets and use Tableau, Alteryx and Excel to analyze and visualize the data. Each team presents their findings on the selected problem in a first round to a panel of upperclassmen Scholars.

Three teams are selected to present their findings to a panel of PwC professionals during the sophomore trip. The trip is a one-day event where all sophomore scholars spend the day at the PwC office in NYC. During the day, the student network with Binghamton University alumni and former PwC Scholars. Interactive activities provide Scholars with insight into the firm prior to viewing the presentations of the three finalist teams.

After the winning team is announced, the students and professionals spend time socializing at dinner, as well as an evening entertainment event that in the past has included sporting events or Broadway shows.


PwC Scholars join various internal committees to facilitate the organization and implementation of the program.

Community Service

This committee helps plan the large-scale community service project that takes place in April. Tasks range from research to strategic design and layout. The committee may have visits and meetings at the project site at several points during the year.

Road Map

This committee explores the program's current vision and develops strategic initiatives for the future. The committee looks into what aspects of the program can be enhanced or expanded upon in bi-weekly meetings.


This committee focuses on marketing strategies and finding ways to inform prospective students about the program. This includes the creation and distribution of recruiting materials, reaching out to high school students via email or phone, and events such as "Shadow a Scholar Day."

Market Watch

This committee will plan and run the annual MarketWatch competition. Committee members are responsible for organizing, promoting and executing the fundraiser.

"Date" Auction

This committee will plan and run the annual "Date Auction" event that takes place in the spring semester. There are three subcommittees within this committee:

  • Professional Engagement: reach out to potential "dates" and communicate with them regarding event details
  • Logistics: plan when and where the event will happen and ensure everything runs smoothly during the event
  • Marketing: determine target audience, market the event, keep track of attendance