Why do I receive AA letters from SSD in the middle of the semester?

Students may register with SSD at any time throughout the semester and therefore may be authorized accommodations throughout the semester. Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding accommodation letters.

I’ve received an AA letter for a student but they never talked to me about their accommodations. What should I do?

As stated in each AA letter, students have a responsibility to contact instructors to discuss the implementation of their accommodations. If students do not meet or discuss the implementation of the accommodations, it can be assumed that they have chosen not to use any accommodations at this time.

In the event that a student does not contact you to discuss the implementation of their accommodations please do not hesitate to contact SSD.

A student told me they don’t want to use their accommodations for an exam. Is this okay?

Yes. Students have the right to not use their accommodations if they wish. They should clearly communicate with you if they are choosing not to use their accommodations.

What do I do if a student discloses they have a disability but I have not received an Accommodation Letter from SSD?
  • Refer the student to our office. SSD is the appropriate entity on campus for determining and authorizing reasonable accommodations.
  • DO NOT accept any disability-related documentation
  • DO NOT inquire about the nature of the student’s disability
I don’t have a TA to help with proctoring exams. Is there a department on campus that can help with this?

YES! instructors are encouraged to contact the University Testing Center to administer exams.

Contact information
  • Email: testing@binghamton.edu  Phone:(607) 777-2014
  • Location: 3rd Floor of  Old Johnson Hall, East Wing, in Room OJ 324