Accessible Course Material

Instructors are responsible for taking steps to insure all course materials are accessible.

Blackboard/MyCourses material (e.g., Word documents, PDFs, Scanned documents)

Send any course material to Course Reserves and they will convert it to an accessible document on your behalf.


To enable accessible material requests in a timely manner, SSD asks that you submit textbook requisitions as early as possible. It takes several weeks to obtain and convert textbooks into an accessible format.


SSD will notify you via email when a registered student will be requiring captioning.  SSD will caption your content.  When the student is in your class all videos, movies, and/or films required for your course you MUST show the captioned version. Please provide links or copies of videos to SSD well in advance so that we have sufficient time to caption.

Training using Panopto or Camtasia is offered by the University Center for Training and Development.

Note: YouTube auto-generated captions can be inaccurate and unintelligible. The links must be sent to our office to ensure accessibility.

Accessible Exams

Students authorized for assistive technology for exams requires that the document be made accessible. Please contact SSD for further instructions.

Sensus Access

This tool allows for faculty and staff to make various types of documents accessible. 

Documents and Powerpoints

Math Formulas

Directions for Editing Test Options in Blackboard/myCourses

  • Next to the test name, there is a drop-down menu. Left click on the drop-down menu and click "Edit Test Options."
  • In section "2. Set Timer," set time for exam (example: 60).
  • In section "3. Test Availability Exceptions," click "Add User or Group." This step should show all students registered in the course. Select the student for which you need to extend the test time. Click "Submit."
  • There should be a check-box that shows the test was already set to 60 minutes. Here, you can manually change the time for the selected student (example: 60 to 90 minutes). Click "Submit."