SSD Registered Students

Requesting Academic Accommodation Letters

  • Request Academic Accommodation letters in a timely manner. SSD will notify students when the portal is open to request AA letters each semester.

  • Students must meet with instructors to discuss the implementation of their accommodations. If students do not do this, it can be assumed that the student does not want to use their accommodations.  

Helpful hints:

  • For students with extended testing time :

    • During registration students should make sure to accommodate for extended time by avoiding back to back classes. Instructors are not required to arrange their quizzes/exams around student schedules. Any class or work missed due to extended testing time will be the responsibility of the student.

  • SSD staff is ready to assist students with any equal access needs. We encourage students to contact the SSD office with any questions or concerns regarding authorized accommodations.

Problems Receiving My Accommodation?

If you are experiencing problems receiving your accommodations, please contact the SSD office as soon as possible.  If the problem requires immediate attention - please contact us at 607-777-2686 or at