Engineering Management Track

The employment demand for engineering management is accelerating as many companies fill leadership positions to counteract the retirements of long-time experienced workers.

Engineering managers are needed in a number of different industries, from manufacturing, energy, transportation, healthcare and information systems to scientific research, military and government operations. In a management role, an engineering manager is expected to lead research and development teams to discover new processes, ensure sound methodology, check the technical accuracy of the team’s work, and manage a project’s budget and timeline effectively.

Graduates with master's degrees in engineering management are reportedly receiving some of the highest salary increases in the country. A graduate student with advanced engineering management skills can enter the marketplace with the tangible credentials and intangible leadership qualities to help push their career forward.

This program is designed for engineers who want to become leaders without losing their foundation in engineering, focuses on leadership and management skills and their direct relationship to engineering process improvement, project management, effective communication and innovative solutions.

Required Course Descriptions, Electives

Thesis option:
  • 1 elective (at the 600-level) plus 6 credits of thesis work followed by oral presentation and defense.
Non-thesis (Project) option:
  • 2 electives (at least one of which is at the 600-level) plus a SSIE 598 MS Termination Project roject of at least 3 credits.
Coursework-only option:
  • 2 electives and SSIE 664 Advanced Engineering Management. 

Application Deadline

Admission to the program occurs on a rolling basis.

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Mohammad T. Khasawneh

SUNY Distinguished Prof; Department Chair; Healthcare Systems Engineering / Health Systems / Manhattan Graduate Program Director; SUNY Distinguished Professor; Director

Systems Science and Industrial Engineering; Watson Institute for Systems Excellence (WISE)