MS Healthcare Systems Engineering

The Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering (SSIE) at Binghamton University was recently granted approval for a new master's degree in healthcare systems engineering.

SSIE has had a long history of working with the healthcare industry through its health systems concentration, one-year executive health systems program in Manhattan, extensive research in healthcare systems, the Health Systems Engineering Center and more.

The Master of Science in Healthcare Systems Engineering provides a balance of theory and practical knowledge for the practice of the profession and/or for advancement to a doctoral program. In recognition of the high concentration of healthcare providers in the greater Binghamton area, this program has been structured to serve both full- and part-time graduate students. This program prepares individuals for professional or leadership roles in various healthcare areas, including hospital operations management, health systems engineering, health information technology and consulting. Students in this program will attain a wide variety of industrial and systems engineering tools and skill sets, such as modeling and simulation, statistical process control, data science, reliability modeling, scheduling, human factors, and optimization, among others.

Program requirements

Six required courses include 9 credits of core ISE courses and 9 credits of core health systems courses:

For students with adequate backgrounds, electives may be substituted for these courses with consent from the advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies.

Upon completing the core requirements, students will be able to complete their program with one of the following three options to attain eligibility for degree conferral:

Coursework Option

3 Electives (3 credits each) and SSIE 637 Advanced Topics in Health Systems (3 credits). SSIE 637 includes significant project-based coursework to serve as a capstone for the termination requirement of the program.

Project Option

SSIE 598 Project (3 credits) and 3 Electives (3 credits each, including one at the 600-level)

Thesis Option

SSIE 599 Thesis (6 credits) and 2 Electives (3 credits each, including one at the 600-level)

Application Deadline

Admission to the program occurs on a rolling basis.

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Mohammad T. Khasawneh

SUNY Distinguished Prof; Department Chair; Healthcare Systems Engineering / Health Systems / Manhattan Graduate Program Director; Professor; Director

Systems Science and Industrial Engineering; Watson Institute for Systems Excellence (WISE)