Undergraduate ISE Minors

Minor in Engineering Analytics

The engineering analytics minor (EAM) is open to undergraduate majors in engineering, computer science, mathematics, and business. Students in this minor will acquire a set of practical data analytics skills, including understanding of patterns in data, applying analytical frameworks, analyzing collected data in engineering problems, constructing predictive models, and discovering hidden relationships in data. Hence, students will gain a competitive advantage in this rapidly growing field and will be better prepared to enter the workforce and analyze large data sets in their chosen fields.

The EAM requires the completion of three core ISE courses (a total of 12 credit hours) and three ISE electives (nine credit hours). The total number of credit hours required for this minor is 21. A list of required core courses for this minor is given below. Students must earn a GPA of 2.7 or better in all required courses (with a letter grade being required for all courses in the EAM). These courses can be used to fulfill the requirements for the ISE major because some of them are ISE core courses.

Core Courses (12 credit hrs.) must be acquired prior to declaring a minor:

ISE 212  Engineering Computing

ISE 314  Computer Programming for Engineers

ISE 261  Probabilistic Systems I

Elective Courses: choose 3 (9 credit hrs.):

ISE 414X  Fundamentals of Energy Systems Engineering 

ISE 419  Applied Soft Computing 

ISE 423  Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems 

ISE 422  Advanced Decision Modeling 

ISE 426X  Systems Dynamics & Systems Thinking 

ISE 448  Healthcare Data Science & Analytics 

ISE 464  Elem of Fuzzy Logic & Fuzzy Set Theory 

ISE 467X  Smart Manufacturing Analytics 

ISE 497  Independent Study* 

* This course should be designed to address important issues in the field of engineering analytics.

For students with non-ISE background, however, please note that the above-mentioned core ISE courses have the following prerequisites: 

Math 224 Differential Calculus 

Math 225 Integral Calculus  

Math 226 Integration Tech & Application 

Math 227 Infinite Series  

Any substitution of the above courses (core, elective, and/or prerequisite) is subject to the review and approval of the Undergraduate Program Director or Department Chair.

Application for Engineering Analytics Minor

Minor in Sustainability Engineering

The minor in Sustainability Engineering is only for engineering majors. Applications are available in the Watson College Advising Office. For the application, additional information, and a list of minor approved elective courses, visit:


Courses, excluding prerequisites, used to fulfill requirements for the major cannot be used as courses satisfying requirements for a minor. However, the courses may be used to satisfy Gen Ed requirements. Listed below is a summary of the minor requirements. For ISE students seeking the minor in sustainability, it requires a total of 21 additional credits.

Prerequisite Courses (16 credit hrs.) must be acquired prior to declaring a minor:

Math (8 credit hrs.): Differential Calculus (MATH 224), Integral Calculus (MATH 225), Integration Technique & Application (MATH 226), and Infinite Series (MATH 227) – all 2 cr. each

Chemistry (4 credit hrs.): Chemical Principles (CHEM 111), OR Intro Chem Principles I AND Intro to Chem Principles II (CHEM 107 and108)

Physics (4 credit hrs.):  General Physics I (PHYS 131)

Required Core Courses (9 credit hrs.):

WTSN 305, Introduction to Sustainable Engineering and Design (3 credit hrs.)

WTSN 306, Engineering Sustainable Energy (3 credit hrs.) WTSN 307, Ecology for Engineers (3 credit hrs.)

Required elective courses (9-12 credit hrs.):

Three courses (of three or four credits) must be from at least two different departments and at least two of the elective courses must be at the advanced undergraduate level (i.e., 300 or 400).

Courses required within a student’s major other than elective courses CANNOT be used as courses satisfying requirements for the minor.

Minor in Computer Science

For the application, additional information, and a list of minor approved elective courses, visit:

A minor in computer science is available for BS ISE majors. As a reminder, BS ISE majors who take a minor in computer science may choose a maximum of one computer science course to count as a technical elective; the other two technical electives must be ISE technical electives. Students may also apply for an extended program leading to dual degrees in industrial and systems engineering and computer science. For details, students should contact the Watson College Advising Office prior to registration.