Computer Science Minor

The computer science (CS) minor consists of seven courses, all taken at Binghamton (CS 120, CS 210, CS 220, CS 310, MATH 314 or MATH 330 and two CS courses at the 300- level or above, not including CS 395, CS 396, CS 397, CS 499). Students also must take or receive transfer credit for Calculus I and II (MATH 224/225 and MATH 226/227). CS 110, which may be waived for students with sufficient computer programming background, is a prerequisite for CS 120 and CS 210. MATH 225 is a prerequisite for CS 110 and MATH 226 is a prerequisite for CS 310. 

Students should register interest in the CS Minor by contacting the Office of the Undergraduate Director in the CS Department; that will enable registration in CS courses. 

To be eligible for a minor in computer science, you must have completed the following six courses and earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for all MATH and CS courses taken at Binghamton:

  • CS 120*: Computer Systems I: Machine Organization
  • CS 210*:  Programming with Objects & Data
  • Math 224/225: Calculus I
  • Math 226/227: Calculus II

Once your application is approved for this minor, the following are required:

  • CS 220*: Computer Systems II: Architecture & Programming
  • CS 310*: Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Math 314: Discrete Math or Math 330: Number Systems
  • CS Elective: 3 or 4 credit CS course, 300 level or above
  • CS Elective: 3 or 4 credit CS course, 300 level or above

Minor Application

More information is available from the Department of Computer Science.

*Students are enrolled in required computer science courses on a space-available basis by permission of the undergraduate director and must be taken at Binghamton.