The 1098-T is a record of the financial information reported by Binghamton University to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on a student's behalf. The information includes the total amount paid for qualified tuition and related expenses in a tax year (Box 1) and the total amount of scholarships or grants disbursed in a tax year (Box 5). Per IRS regulations, related expenses do not include charges for room, board, insurance, health fees, transportation fees, optional fees or other similar expenses.

For more information, please see the Internal Revenue Service website.

1098T statements are available online via ECSI. Below are the steps to retrieve statements.

1. Go to https://heartland.ecsi.net
2. Click on the "Click Here" hyperlink to access 1098-T Statement
3. Enter School Name: SUNY Binghamton and Click Submit
4. Enter Student's First and Last Name, Social Security Number and Zip Code
5. Click Continue
6. Click on the plus sign (+) to the far right side to display 1098-T information
7. Click on View/Print Statement to access 1098-T Statement