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The A-Team includes members from each department within the Division of Student Affairs who are interested in expanding their assessment skills and knowledge, assisting in building a culture of assessment in the division and enhancing our practice around data informed decision making. No previous experience in assessment is needed to be a member - just a willingness to join in a community of people interested in learning.

Are you interested in the A-Team? Want to know more?

Email assess@binghamton.edu or call (607) 777-6588. 

Previous Workshops, Trainings and Activities

Which Survey Tool Do I Use? 

How many times have you been in a meeting where someone suggests a survey? Sending a survey is easy but knowing what tool to use to get you the best results can sometimes be a challenge. Join us to learn the difference between conducting surveys in Qualtrics, B-Engaged and Google Forms. What tool will you choose?

Intro To Qualtrics Survey Tool

Interested in learning how to easily create a sophisticated survey online? Then this workshop is for you. Come learn how to build your survey using Qualtrics Survey tool and learn the multiple options and designs available to tailor the questions to your needs. Topics include question validation, display logic, skip logic, branching, survey flow, survey options, contact list and more.

#DataHack: Use Existing Data to Fast track Your Next Assessment Project

What do metrics, analytics, key performance indicators, and measures of success have in common? Data, of course! Although you could look to a survey to solve your data needs, the answers to your questions might be in your very own backyard, so to speak. During this interactive session, we will explore four “on demand” data sources that you may be able to use today to “fast track” your next assessment project!

WEAVE Party!

This is an informal pop-in/pop-out session for those completing the WEAVE templates. It’s a way to ask questions and get clarification before WEAVE reports are due.

Assessment Bootcamp Mini-Sessions

Making assessment easy and useful!

Want to flex and build your assessment muscles? Join us for a 9-session series to enhance your assessment skills. All levels are welcome!

  • Session 1: What is assessment? Why should I do it? And how do I find my assessment purpose?
  • Session 2: Writing outcomes
  • Session 3: Data Collection Tools, Part 1: Things to consider when selecting a tool and Rubrics
  • Session 4: Data Collection Tools, Part 2: Survey design and increasing responses rates
  • Session 5: Data Collection Tools, Part 3: Focus groups and Existing data
  • Session 6: Making sense of data with words
  • Session 7: Making sense of data with numbers
  • Session 8: Data visualization
  • Session 9: Sharing and using data

What is Data Informed Practice?

This workshop assists the student affairs practitioner in developing a mindset that uses data and inspires others to use data as well. Begin to build the skills that will assist you to take risks, learn and enjoy assessment.

BE Your Own Pie-Rat: Plundering B-Engaged to Build Your Own Assessment Horde

BE Your Own Pie-Rat and learn how to plunder the new B-Engaged system for information you can use to learn about how your students are engaging with your organization. This session dives into the new system from the lens of how to get information from/out of the system.

BE Your Own Pie-Rat: Plundering B-Engaged to Build Your Own Assessment Horde for System Admins

This session is targeted for those who have been granted site-wide administrative access.  This session dives into the new system from the lens of how to get information from/out of the system.

Turbocharging Excel to Create Interactive Dashboards

The purpose of this workshop is to unpack Excel as a powerful tool for making interactive dashboards. Excel is equipped to serve as your self-service analytics platform without the extra cost or programming language. Participants will be able to transform data elements into visuals that refresh instantly and in synchrony. 

Which, How and Wow!

Making Data Visualization Work for You

  • Bars, Pies or Doughnuts: Which will you choose?This workshop explores the different types of easy charts and graphs you can make in Power Point and Excel and how to decide which one to choose for your story.
  • Designing an Infographic: This workshop outlines the fundamentals for creating a good design with the use of clever combinations of words and images to tell a story quickly, concisely, and in an engaging manner.
  • Build a Better PresentationThis workshop highlights suggestions to take your next presentation from good to great!

Telling Your Story: Annual Reports

This workshop is designed to:

  • Identify your key message and accomplishments.
  • Match your messages to key data and visualizations.
  • Enhance skills in understanding how to structure an annual report. 


When needed, SAASE hosts open-office hour type sessions where staff from the Division of Student Affairs can receive assistance with entries into the WEAVE system. Future sessions will be announced.

If you need a WEAVE refresher please, contact us at assess@binghamton.edu or call (607) 777-6588.