Critical and Conscious Conversations

Critical and Conscious Conversations (CCC) hold space for faculty and staff across divisions to come together and engage in active, collaborative discussions each month. The goal is to promote relationship-building and improve the campus climate through a social justice lens. Research indicates that this type of learning community can reduce microaggressions, increase micro-affirmations and lead to positive systemic changes through ground-up engagement (Madison, 2020; Young & Anderson, 2019; Jones & Rolón-Dow, 2019).

CCC Objectives:

  • Discuss issues relevant to social and racial injustice and engage in self-reflection to better understand privilege, power and our own intersectional identities.
  • Share ideas and identify evidence-based strategies which promote inclusion, racial literacy and bias reduction, in an effort to restore trust and improve communication for student success.
  • Learn how to be a better ally in an effort to forge authentic and strong relationships.
  • Learn ways to practice self-compassion and radical empathy.

CCC committee members:

  • Diana Castellanos, Student Affairs Divisional Diversity Officer (DDO)
  • Erin Cody, Harpur Edge
  • Kimberly Peabody, Health Promotion and Prevention
  • Craig Broccoli, Admissions
  • Anne Saint-Juste, Residential Life
  • Alicia Hibbard, TRIO/Student Support Services
  • Regina Nguyen, McNair Scholars Program