Sustainability: What are we doing?

Binghamton University Campus Sustainability

Binghamton University's entire campus is committed to sustainability. We have a broad network of programs, projects, and initiatives that encompass every facet of the University and affect every member of the campus community — from students in our residence halls to our maintenance crews. 

Climate Action Plan

Sustainable Buildings & Energy

Binghamton University faculty, staff, and students are constantly working together to increase sustainability efforts across all our facilities. Take a look at what we're doing on our building sustainability page. View our real-time energy dashboard.


You'll find various initiatives all across campus aimed at protecting and conserving our precious water sources. Our campus community is also dedicated to conserving the quality of our water. Check out what we're doing on our water page.

Food & Dining

Sodexo is our food service group here on campus. They are constantly evolving to make their services more sustainable while reducing their environmental impact. They also buy many of their products from local vendors, reducing transportation emissions while supporting our local economy. Check out the rest of the University's food sustainability initiatives as well as Sodexo's sustainability initiatives.

Landscape Sustainability

Binghamton University's campus encompasses over 930 acres. A large portion of this land has been left undeveloped and in its natural state. That's just one of the ways we're keeping our campus green and healthy. Discover what else we're doing to increase sustainable sites on campus on the landscape sustainability page.


It’s easy, quick, and convenient to get around the campus community as well as travel home or to other locations without a personal vehicle. In addition to the bus and shuttle services, Binghamton University has many alternative transportation options. These options allow students, faculty, and staff to enjoy reliable alternative transportation that not only reduces carbon footprints, but also builds social capital and promotes healthy living! Take a look at what the University's doing to encourage sustainable transportation.

Waste & recycling

The Binghamton University campus community is continually looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste we generate and to recycle all possible materials. Learn more about the University's waste and recycling policies and initiatives.

Residential life

Making sustainable residential communities is part of the University's mission to make campus a more sustainable place to live and study. Our resident life communities on campus boast numerous sustainability initiatives that aid and educate residents to adopt more sustainable practices.

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