Sustainability: What can I do?

Volunteering, participating in campus and community events, changing how you get to and around campus ... there are plenty of ways you can get involved with the University's sustainability efforts. Why not make a dent in your ecological footprint? Sustainability can be a way of life for faculty, staff, students and members of the community!

Sustainability Advocacy Action 

Individual Action
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle. Help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your material consumption, reusing items instead of buying new, donating to local charities, and/or recycling unwanted items that follow Broome County's Recycling Code. Some stores have take back programs for items that do not follow Broome County's recycling code, check How 2 Recycle  to find stores near you. 
  • Adopt energy-saving methods for computers. The University‚Äôs Information Technology Services' green computing website offers a number of tips for reducing the amount of energy used by computers, as well as ideas for smarter printing. 
  • Take a green ride. Explore our bike-sharing service for the Binghamton University community. You can also opt to take the bus rather than a personal vehicle - there are plenty of buses to accommodate all different schedules. The University has also partnered with Zimride by Enterprise, a free secure carpooling platform that uses social networks to connect you to those traveling in the area. Our programs aim to help to reduce carbon emissions, alleviate traffic congestion, and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. 
  • Seek out educational resources.  Webinars, journal articles, and government websites are a few of the many resources that cover how individuals can make a positive impact on the environment. Just be sure to check that the information comes from a credible source! 
Collective Action