Vision, Mission and Core Values


The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership's vision is to create premier educational opportunities for all learners.


The mission of the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership is to prepare exceptional teachers, school leaders and scholars to teach and lead across curricula; to conduct innovative and relevant educational research to solve important problems in education; and to engage in collaborative, creative partnerships that contribute to improving educational practice in communities, schools, the nation and the world.

Core values

The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership faculty members strive to be leaders in the field of education.

Faculty and staff believe in, and use, socially-just and culturally-responsive practices in teaching, service and research.


Faculty prepare high-quality teachers and school leaders to teach and lead across curricula, age spans and diverse learning environments.

Faculty provide high-quality programming using a variety of research-based, innovative teaching tools and techniques, including clinically-rich experiences for university students at all levels.


Faculty are engaged scholars, actively conducting timely, meaningful research and scholarship.

Faculty research contributes to the field, schools and communities, and informs and improves practice.

Culture, climate and collaboration

Faculty, staff and students create and sustain a collaborative environment where ideas are valued and respected, and where successes are celebrated.

Faculty and staff have ongoing collaborative partnerships with other campus departments, as well as with local, regional, national and international organizations, agencies and schools.

Support TLEL

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