Master’s Programs (MAT, MSEd, MA, MS)

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TLEL offers a wide array of graduate programs for students interested in the field of education.

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Initial Teacher Preparation Programs

Our Initial Teacher Preparation (MSEd, MAT) programs are for students who do not yet have any certification to teach. We have programs that lead to initial certification in childhood-early childhood and adolescence English, mathematics, sciences, and social studies.

Advanced Teacher Preparation Programs

Our Advanced Teacher Preparation (MSEd) programs are for students who already hold teacher certification. We have programs that lead to additional certification in literacy, special education, and TESOL education.

Non-Certification Programs

Our non-certification programs are for individuals interested in education, but who do not want to pursue teacher certification in New York state. We offer programs in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) and Educational Studies with a concentration in community schools.