Apply to the Upward Bound Program

Apply to Upward Bound

Thank you for your interest in Upward Bound at Binghamton University.  We help students reach their academic potential and college success!  Please read more about the application process and expectations below.  Applications are reviewed on a first-come basis throughout the year. So apply anytime!

Applicant Instructions

  1. Complete all sections of the Student Application and submit online.
  2. After your application and student records have been received and reviewed, program/financial eligibility will be determined. 
  3. A member of the UB team will follow-up requesting an interview 
  4. The Academic Counselor conducts the interview with the student and the parent(s)/guardian to assess commitment and complete consent forms.

To have a complete application, you must submit:

  • Completed application
  • Completed Record Release Form 
  • Proof of Parents' income (1040 tax form, social security benefits, food stamps, etc.) or Income Verification Form
  • Copy of student's US Birth Certificate, US Permanent Resident Card, or US Certificate of Citizenship
  • Copy of most recent report card or high school transcript

How much does it cost to participate in Upward Bound?

Nothing!  Upward Bound is a federally-funded program, and is free to qualifying participants!

What is expected of Upward Bound students?

  • Complete academic work to the best of your ability.  The target GPA for Upward Bound students is 2.5 or higher.
  • Participate in Upward Bound activities in the academic year including meetings with an Upward Bound Academic Counselor, weekly activities, and tutoring.
  • Participate in six-week summer residential program.

What is expected of Upward Bound parents?

  • Monitor student's school attendance, homework completion, and academic performance.
  • Encourage good study habits.
  • Be sure student has transportation to and from Upward Bound activities.

How can I refer a student?

Complete a recommendation or email us at with any questions.