Writing 200-Level Courses


Intro to Professional Writing

In WRIT211, students will analyze and produce several common forms of professional communication, such as emails, memos, letters, job search materials, reports, proposals, and presentations. Throughout the course, students will work on practicing writing processes, developing an appropriate style, learning professional problem-solving, and integrating oral and written communication. Because much of the communicative work produced in the workplace is collaborative, some of these assignments will require that you collaborate with others in the class to complete them. As you complete these individual and collaborative assignments, we will work together toward understanding how to think critically and analyze and react to rhetorical situations each genre and writing situation presents, including issues of audience, organization, visual design, style, and the material production of documents.


Writing for Transfer Students

WRIT212, a writing course for transfer students, addresses argumentative writing in academic contexts. This course emphasizes research-driven writing and is in keeping with Binghamton University's commitment to writing as central to academic inquiry. The course treats writing and research as a process, emphasizes revision, and gives students an opportunity to investigate how to write research-driven texts in disciplines that interest them. Students will learn how to manage projects, conduct academic research, evaluate evidence, and analyze arguments. They will learn to use rhetorical analysis as a way to identify what is required to write effectively in different contexts. Through a process of practice, observation and reflection, students will also learn how to plan and deliver effective presentations.

For more information about the course, contact Sean Fenty at sfenty@binghamton.edu.