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Writing Initiative Faculty 2018

Lauren Brown

Lead Editor for Binghamton Writes and Lecturer of First-Year Writing

Lauren Brown worked with the Writing Initiative from 2012-2015 after completing her MA in English, and returned as a lecturer of writing after earning her Ph.D. in English—both at Binghamton University. At Binghamton, she has taught a range of courses in literature for the English department, as well as composition courses for Binghamton University's College of Community and Public Affairs, and a course in advanced communication for the Master's program in Applied Liberal Studies. Her scholarly interests include modern and contemporary U.S. fiction, with an emphasis on the discourse of American exceptionalism and writers of post-colonial, diasporic, and transnational literature.

Robert Danberg

Coordinator of Campus-Wide Writing Support

Robert Danberg holds a PhD in composition and cultural rhetoric from Syracuse University (2010), his MFA in poetry at Sarah Lawrence College, and his BA in English from the State University of New York at Purchase. He has taught writing at Sarah Lawrence College, Syracuse University, Cornell University, Ithaca College, and Onondaga Community College, as well as in adult education programs, at-risk students programs, and adult literacy programs. His scholarly interests include the theory and practice of teaching and learning, creativity and the imagination, and Jewish literature and culture.

Sean Fenty

Interim Director of the Writing Initiative

Sean Fenty joined the Writing Initiative in 2012, serving first as a lecturer, then as Associate Director of First-Year Writing, and currently as the Interim Director of the program. He earned his MA (2002) and a PhD (2008) in English, with a focus on New Media Studies, at the University of Florida, and his BA in English and Religious Studies at the University of South Florida. Since 2000, he has taught a variety of writing courses at the University of Florida, City College of Gainesville, the University of Louisville, and Binghamton University. In addition to his administrative and teaching duties for the Writing Initiative, he is also the Writing Coordinator for the Educational Opportunity Program's intensive pre-freshmen summer program. He has presented and published on topics such as reading and writing in new media, hypertext, videogame narratives, and comics.

Vanessa Jaeger

Editor for Binghamton Writes and Lecturer of First-Year Writing

Vanessa Jaeger joined the Writing Initiative in 2015, working as a graduate instructor. She received her MA in English Literature at University of Rochester before coming to Binghamton, where she is currently a PhD candidate in the English department. Over the course of her time at Binghamton, she has taught upper-level literature courses for the English department and introductory writing for EOP's summer enrichment program. She has also served as a graduate assistant for Harpur Academic Advising. She now works as a lecturer for the Writing Initiative and as an editor for Binghamton Writes, the first-year composition journal. Her scholarly interests include medieval literature, with an emphasis on the Middle English romance, gender studies, and Otherness.

Angie Pelekidis

Assistant Director of First-Year Writing

Angie Pelekidis worked as a public relations executive in NYC before earning her MA and Ph.D. in English with a creative writing emphasis from Binghamton University. Her dissertation, a collection of short stories titled Bound, won the Distinguished Dissertation Award in Creative Writing. In 2010, Ann Beattie selected one of her stories as the first-prize winner of the New Ohio Review's fiction contest. Her fiction and creative nonfiction have appeared in The Michigan Quarterly ReviewNorth Dakota QuarterlyMcSweeney's Internet Tendency, Confrontation, and The Masters Review, and many more, and is most recently forthcoming in The Hopkins Review. She has taught in the Writing Initiative since its founding in 2008.

Wendy Stewart

Interim Director of the Writing Center and Editor-in-Chief of Binghamton Writes

A lecturer in the Writing Initiative since its founding in 2008, Wendy Stewart is the Editor-in-Chief of Binghamton Writes: A Journal of First-Year Writing, which publishes the best essays students of  WRIT 111 produce each semester. She earned her MA in English Literature from the University of Saskatchewan and, while pursuing her PhD at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, taught writing and reading in various disciplinary contexts. She has also taught suicide prevention and crisis intervention and communication. Her work inside and outside the academy aids her in working with writers in WRIT 110 and 111 and reinforces her commitment to helping people come to voice in scholarly, civic, and personal contexts.


The Writing Initiative also benefits from strategic alliances with faculty and administrators across the university, including Associate Professor of English and Hinman College Collegiate Professor, Al Vos, a regular instructor of WRIT 111, and Director of the English as a Second Language Program, Jennifer Brondell.

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