Become a tutor

Want to Become a Writing Tutor?

The Writing Center is looking for a few great writers to tutor in the Writing Center each semester. You'll be part of a wonderful group of peer tutors, help your peers to become better writers, improve your own writing skills, and earn a professional/academic reference after two semesters of tutoring, and gain valuable multicultural teaching education, experience, and practicum credits that look great on your résumé or grad school application. And if you come back for a second semester, we will pay you!

Our tutors have gone on to graduate Binghamton University with honors and become Fulbright Scholars, gained admission to graduate programs at Columbia and NYU, and attended law school, to name just a few accomplishments.

Students from all disciplines—science, engineering, humanities, business, health, and the arts—are encouraged to apply.


If you are in at least the second semester of your sophomore year and have at least junior standing by credit hours, carry at least a 3.0 GPA, are a strong academic writer with a clear understanding of writing strategies and conventions, enjoy working with people, and can commit to a regular weekly tutoring schedule,  contact the Writing Center or submit the tutoring application. E-mail Wendy Stewart, call 607-777-6725, or drop in to see us at LN 2411.

A Few Details

New tutors enroll for 2.0 or 4.0 credit hours in WRIT 491, a two-part pass-fail practicum in college teaching. You may repeat the course once, for a total of two semesters of tutoring, again for either 2.0 or 4.0 credit hours, for a maximum of 8.0 credit hours, or you may choose to be paid for your second or subsequent semester of tutoring.

Part I: New tutors attend WRIT 491 Practicum in College Teaching, a 90-minute once-weekly class dedicated to the theory and practice of Writing Center pedagogies. Activities include weekly readings, discussion of the tutoring experience, a weekly reflective teaching journal or tutoring philosophy, and Writing Center projects as assigned. The day and time of the practicum is determined by the class schedules of those accepted into WRIT 491, but typically are Monday or Tuesday evenings. Returning tutors may be required to attend some but not all of the weekly class meetings.

Part II: Tutors complete four to eight 45-minute tutoring shifts each week, depending on the number of registered credit hours, and work on Writing Center projects. Tutors receive their weekly tutoring schedule after the first week of classes. Tutors agree to abide by the expectations outlined in the "Application to Become a Writing Center Tutor." All tutors must successfully complete designated orientation hours and training before becoming Writing Center tutors. Please do not apply if you are unable to commit to the full course of orientation and training.

The Application Process

Complete the Writing Center Tutor Application to become a tutor and take it to secretary Barbara Zwick in the Writing Center in Library North 2411. Tutor candidates will be selected competitively according to Writing Center needs.

Questions? Please email Wendy Stewart.