The writing initiative

Attention: The Writing Center is now located at Library North 2411.

Welcome to the Writing Center

We tutor all students, from all disciplines, on all assignments!

The Writing Center provides free tutoring in college writing for all students. Our excellent tutors are available Monday-Friday to assist you with any assignment from any class—essays, arguments, research papers, reports, analyses, editorials, proposals, abstracts, and lab reports, with critical reading, developing presentations, and citing sources.

Our friendly tutors are here to help every student from every college and school—native speakers and ESL, undergrads and grad students—to become a better writer. We guide and advise you as you work on your paper.

There are two ways to use our tutoring services:

1. Schedule your appointment online here

2. Drop in during Writing Center hours

What Tutors Do

Provide insight to college-level writing as we assist students with the following:

Understanding the assignment
Writing with audience and purpose in mind
Topic selection and narrowing
Focusing a thesis
Choosing credible source material
Integrating source material and using academic citation styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago
Understanding US conventions of Intellectual Property
Developing logical structure
Recognizing and resolving sentence-level problems
Crafting flow, transitions and style
Choosing appropriate words
Developing presentations

What Tutors Don't Do

Fix the paper
Proofread or copy edit
Comment on a paper without the author present

Custom Services

The Writing Center can also aid in the development of material customized for the particular writing instruction needs of any group, department, college, or school.




Library North 2411

Around the corner from the Harpur College Dean's Office


Monday-Thursday 10-4:00, Friday 10-3:15

Please note that tutoring is not available at times when classes are not in session.

Tutoring is also unavailable during winter and summer sessions.