2D and 3D X-Ray Imaging System


X-ray imaging is a non-destructive testing technique used to examine the internal structure and defects in a device. It is used extensively for failure analysis (back end, front end), reliability testing of components, process and production control, vendor qualification and quality control and R&D. The technique is used to evaluate IC packages, grid ball arrays, flip chip packages, printed circuit boards, connectors, sensors, cables, ceramics/metals/glasses/plastic components and anything else that is transparent to the X-rays.

ADL owns Nanome|X from Baker Hughes-GE, a versatile, high-resolution system that can be used for 2D X-ray imaging as well as computed tomography (CT). CT enables construction of the entire volume of the sample as well as virtual cross-sections in any direction to determine non-destructively the size and location of internal features and defects. The main features of Nanome|X system are:

  • High-resolution 2D imaging system with CT capabilities
  • Maximum inspection area of 18 inches x 14 inches
  • Maximum tube voltage of 160 kV, max power of 30W
  • Dual detector system:
    • 1 megapixel, 16 bit, high-contrast, flat panel digital detector
    • 1 megapixel, 12 bit Image Intensifier with CCD camera for high magnification and low dose inspection.
    • Equipped with modules for semi-automatic inspection of solder joints and electronic components, voiding and wire sweep calculations

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Instrument Manager: Anju Sharma