Zeiss Axiovert 200M inverted stage microscope

Advanced Inverted Compound Microscope


The Axiovert 200M inverted stage optical microscope from Zeiss, features AxioCam MRc 5 camera, motorized XYZ stage, focus and 6 lens turret. Motorized imaging modes include Bright Field, Dark Field, Polarized and Circularly polarized differential interference contrast (C-DIC). The microscope is capable of reflected light, through the lens illumination, transmitted light and back side illumination. Image capture and post processing is done with the AxioVision software, which also allows extended focus and mosaic imaging. This microscope is used to image cross-sections of materials, fracture surfaces and defects. It is also used to perform quantitative analysis such as measure dimensions, angles, areas manually and identify, count and measure objects automatically.