Sample Prep Tools


Image: Ultra-MIcrotome
The Ultramicrotome Leica EM UC7 provides easy preparation of semi- and ultrathin sections as well as perfect, smooth surfaces of biological and industrial samples for TEM, SEM, AFM and LM examination. It can be used for sectioning at room as well as cryo temperatures

SEM Ion Etching and Coating

Image: Precision Etching and Coating System
Precision Etching and Coating System
Gatan 682 PECS Precision Etching & Coating System makes use of high energy Ar ion:  (1) to get rid of mechanical polish induced damage from the sample surface and (2) to coat the sample surface with conductive layer with nanometer precision. Thus, this technique highly effective for SEM sample cleaning or etching followed by high-resolution sputter coating. 

Plasma Cleaning System

Image: Plasma Cleaning System
Plasma Cleaning System
Gatan Solarus Model 950 uses low power (10-65W) plasma to remove hydrocarbon contamination of TEM and SEM specimens. As a result, electron beam induced damage can be greatly reduced. The system is available for most of the SEM and TEM samples

SEM Specimen Ion Mill for Cross Sectioning

Image: Cross-Section Polisher
Cross-Section Polisher
The JEOL SM-9010 Cross Section Polisher (CP) Clean uses high energy Ar ion beam to produce mechanical-damage-free cross section of almost any material in simple steps. The CP can prepare a perfect cross section from almost any material such as; Difficult-to-polish soft materials such as copper, aluminum, gold, solder, and polymer, Difficult-to-cut hard materials such as ceramic and glass, and Composites of these materials. The cross section prepared by the CP is suitable for SEM-EDS, WDS, Auger, and EBSD (Electron Back Scatter Diffraction) analysis, and for observation and measurement of multi-layered structures. The JEOL CP allows ~500 ┬Ám (FWHM) Ar ion beam size at 2 - 6 kV acceleration voltage and accomodates maximum specimen size of 11 mm x 9 mm x 2 mm.

Dual Beam Ion Mill

Image: Dual Beam Ion Mill
Dual Beam Ion Mill
Dual Beam Ion Mill uses high energy Ar ion beam on prethinned TEM specimens to reduce the thickness to electron transparency. It can be used for semiconductor, metals, and insulator.  

  • Fischione Model 1010
  • 1~6 kV acceleration voltage
  • Thickness monitor to automatically stop when the desired thickness is achieved
  • Dry pumping system to prevent sample contamination
Sputter Coater

Image: Sputter Coater
Sputter Coater
Sputter Coater provides conductive metal coating on non-conducting specimen for SEM imaging. Turbopumping system allows rapid pumping.

Carbon Coater

Image: Carbon Coater
Carbon Coater
Carbon Coater provide conductive carbon coating on non-conducting specimen for SEM imaging. Turbopumping system allows rapid pumping.

Ultrasonic Disk Cutter

The Ultrasonic Disk Cutter is specifically designed to cut out TEM specimen, i.e., 3 mm diameter disk, from hard and brittle materials without thermal or mechanical damage. It is capable of producing disk specimen from the materials of which thicknesses range from 10 mm to a few mm. 

DimplING Grinder

Image: Dimpling Grinder
Dimpling Grinder
Fischione Model 200 pre-thins TEM specimen with only central area reduced to ~10 mm. As a result, the produced TEM specimen has large electron transparent area near central area together with the good structural integrity to be handled by tweezer. It can be used mostly for metals, semiconductors and insulators.

Multi Prep Polisher

The Multi Prep Polisher system enables precise sample preparation of a wide range of materials for microscopic evaluation by semi-automatic sample preparation. This results in consistent polishing results , regardless of the skill level of the user. The digital dial indicator allow the operator to monitor how much material is being removed in real time with micrometer precision. Typical application s include the sample preparation for IC die, electronic package, printed circuit boards, electronic components and other materials systems

Vibratory Polisher

Image: Vibratory Polisher
Vibratory Polisher
Vibratory polisher Vibromet 2 from Buehler can be used for TEM and SEM/EBSD specimen preparation.

Specimen Sectioning
  • Allied Tech Cut 5
    Image: Allied Techcut 5
    Allied Techcut 5
  • Allied Tech Cut 4
    Image: Allied Techcut 4
    Allied Techcut 4