Next Steps for New Non-Degree/Non-Matriculated Students

Welcome to Binghamton University! Below, you will find a list of steps you must take as you prepare to begin your non-degree/non-matriculated studies. We also encourage you to check out our campus resources.

Set Up Your Student Accounts

  • Set up your Binghamton University online account

    Visit the Binghamton University Password Portal webpage to activate your account. Select the option "I am claiming my account for the first time," and then follow the instructions. To change your password or security questions for your online account, select the option "I know my username / password and I want to change my password," and then follow the instructions. 

    You will use your Binghamton University computer account to access all online resources on campus, including the myBinghamton Portal ( The myBinghamton Portal will link you to services such as myCourses, BU Brain and QuikPAY, which will allow you to register for courses, pay your bill, access your transcripts and more. You can also use your computer account to access other services, such as public, on-campus computers and Internet connection.

  • Log in to your student email account

    BMail ( is your official Binghamton University email account. You must activate your online account before you can access your student email account. Use your user ID and password to log in to BMail.

    Since all official University communications will be sent there, make sure to check your BMail at least once each week prior to the start of the semester and more often throughout the academic year.

Submit Required Documents

  • Submit official, final transcript(s)

    The Graduate School requires hard copies of your official, final transcript(s) documenting your previous college and/or university coursework and degree conferral. If your transcript does not show that your degree has been conferred or awarded, you will also need to submit an official (attested) diploma. Unofficial documents will not be accepted.

    This requirement applies to all enrolling students, both matriculated and non-matriculated. You must submit your official, final transcript(s) no later than six weeks after the beginning of the semester in which you start graduate studies. 

    If your official, final transcript(s) showing degree conferral is (are) not received, you will be unable to register for coursework beyond the first semester. Missing such documentation may result in a rescinded admission offer or a hold on your student account and may prevent the future conferral of a graduate degree.

    Please request your official, final transcript(s) be mailed via the postal service. Do not fax or email your official, final transcript(s). To ensure timely delivery and processing of your transcript(s), please be sure your transcript(s) is (are) mailed to:

    The Office of Graduate Admissions
    Binghamton University - State University of New York
    PO Box 6000
    Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

  • Submit mandatory health forms

    Certain health forms are required for all students. You must submit the required immunization forms to the Decker Student Health Services Center before you will be allowed to register for courses. For more information, visit the Decker Student Health Services Center website.

  • Obtain your graduate student ID card

    All graduate students must have a graduate student ID card to access most campus services. If you were a Binghamton University undergraduate student, you will need to obtain a new graduate student ID card to take advantage of extended library privileges and other graduate student services.

    Student ID cards are available through the Office of Financial Aid and Student Records. Students may upload their own photos in advance. Visit the Office of Financial Aid and Student Records website to learn where and when student ID cards will be issued. A valid photo ID is required to pick up a student ID card.

Prepare for Your First Semester

  • Register for courses

    You will use BU Brain, Binghamton University's online student services hub, to view the course schedule, check your registration time ticket, add and drop most courses and confirm your enrollment. You may also access a public schedule of classes online through the Office of Student Records and Registrar Services.

    During the spring and fall semesters, you will be able to self-register beginning the first day of classes. If you wish to register for spring or fall courses earlier than the first day of classes, we recommend reaching out to the academic department to request their assistance with pre-registration. You will be able to self-register for classes as soon as registration becomes available for the summer and winter semesters.

    Admitted non-degree/non-matriculated students may register for most graduate classes. However, some departments limit registration to certain, specified classes. You are responsible for verifying that the courses you would like to take are available for the semester in which you would like to take them. Contact the graduate director in your academic department of interest with your specific course/registration questions.

    If registration is full for a course you want to take, you may petition the instructor for admittance into the class. Contact the instructor directly, via email, to make your request. The instructor, in conjunction with the department, will review the petition. You may also opt to take a different class.

  • Obtain textbooks

    Visit the University Bookstore online or in the University Union to view the list of textbooks required for your courses and to buy or rent your textbooks. 

  • Confirm enrollment

    Students are required to confirm their enrollments in their coursework every semester by the fifth day of classes. Students who do not confirm enrollment will be dropped from their courses, regardless of whether their bills are paid.

    You will confirm your enrollment using BU Brain. Review instructions for confirming enrollment.

  • Pay your bill

    Your semester bill notification will be sent to your BMail. The first semester bill notification will be sent after you have registered for courses. You may pay your tuition and fees online through Student Accounts using QuikPAY. Make sure to pay your bill by the date listed on the bill to avoid penalties. If you have questions regarding tuition, fees, billing or payment, please contact Student Accounts directly at 607-777-2702 or

  • Learn about seeking a future graduate degree or certificate

    If you decide later that you would like to pursue a graduate degree or certificate at Binghamton University, the Graduate School welcomes your application.

    Depending on the curriculum requirements of a program, some courses taken as a non-degree/non-matriculated student may be applied toward a graduate degree or certificate. Please note, however, that non-degree/non-matriculated study does not guarantee admission to a graduate degree or certificate program. You must complete the appropriate application and then receive a formal admission offer from the graduate degree or certificate program.

    Note: Non-degree/non-matriculated graduate students may take up to 12 credits total, though some academic departments and schools limit that number further. Any credits taken beyond the 12-credit limit as a non-degree/non-matriculated student will not be counted toward earning a degree, if you later matriculate into a graduate degree program. View the Graduate School Manual for details. Students who wish to take more that 12 credits as a non-degree/non-matriculated student must submit the Lifelong Learner Contract to register for additional courses.