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Welcome to Binghamton University

We are excited to welcome you to our campus during the New International Graduate Student Orientation.

Below, you will learn about:


All Binghamton University graduate students live off campus. The affordability and availability of off-campus housing, coupled with free bus service, make it easy to find housing in the surrounding area and allow graduate students to fully integrate into the Binghamton community.

The Off Campus College (OCC) is a resource for all students who live off campus. The office maintains a list of housing options, provides a forum to facilitate connections with other students looking for housemates and runs a legal clinic that can assist with lease reviews. The OCC also hosts a variety of community events and educational programs that help students integrate into the greater Binghamton community. 

Explore the following resources as you begin your search for off-campus housing: 

Arriving in Binghamton

Local Airport Ground Transportation

Binghamton is served by the Greater Binghamton Airport (airport code: BGM).

Taxi service is available from the Greater Binghamton Airport to the Binghamton University campus and will cost approximately $25-$35 per person. Follow the signs outside to ground transportation (near baggage claim) when you arrive at the airport. You may also use the free phones near the exit door.

Our Bus

In an effort to make your journey easier, Binghamton is pleased to offer OurBus. OurBus is a bus ride-share service offering direct service to Binghamton from JFK International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport on select dates. You can find more details about this service and available dates on the OurBus website. If you are interested in using that service, you will need to review that page carefully for instructions on selecting a time slot in advance. 

New York City/Newark Airport Ground Transportation

The bus is the most convenient way to get to Binghamton from the New York City/Newark airports. Follow the signs to ground transportation once you retrieve your luggage and pass through customs and immigration. You can ask for the Super Shuttle Van Service to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City. It will cost about $45-$50 from the Kennedy, LaGuardia or Newark airports. Bus service from the airport to the Port Authority Bus Terminal is also available. It will cost less, but will be a longer ride. Both van service and bus service are less expensive than taxi service.

Once you arrive at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, make your way to either the Greyhound Bus Lines or Shortline/Coach USA Bus Lines ticket areas. Both bus lines serve Binghamton. The cost of a one-way ticket to Binghamton is about $35-$45. (You may be able to get a discount by purchasing a ticket online in advance.) From the Port Authority Bus Terminal, the bus will take about 3.5 hours to get to the B.C. Junction Bus Terminal in Binghamton. These bus lines share a terminal in downtown Binghamton.

Use the links below to access the bus schedules for departure and arrival dates and times. Please note that buses operate on a reduced schedule on weekends.

Greyhound Bus Lines

Shortline/Coach USA Bus Lines

Once you arrive in Binghamton, you can take a taxi or the Broome County Transit (B.C. Transit) bus to the campus or your housing location. The cost of the taxi will be approximately $9 per person, depending on the distance. The bus will cost $2 per person. If you are going to the Binghamton University campus, take the "15" BC Transit bus, then get off at the "BU Union" stop. Check the B.C. Transit schedule.


If you have not yet made housing arrangements, you may wish to stay in a hotel until you secure permanent housing. Please note that some hotels in the Binghamton area also provide van service from the Greater Binghamton Airport. If you decide to stay in those hotels, you can travel directly from the airport to the hotel.

Transportation in Binghamton

Binghamton University provides a student-operated bus service. The bus schedules and routes are listed on the Off Campus College Transport (OCCT) website. Broome County buses also operate around the Binghamton area. The bus schedules and routes can be accessed on the Broome County Transit (B.C. Transit) website. Both the OCCT bus (often called "the blue bus") and the B.C. Transit bus are free for Binghamton University students with student ID cards.

A number of taxi companies provide 24-hour service in the Binghamton area. Please contact the taxi companies below to arrange transportation. In the U.S., it is customary to tip the taxi driver 10-15% of the fare.

  • A-1 Courtesy Cab: 607-723-2000
  • Checker Cab New York: 607-722-2227
  • Checker Cab - Upstate NY: 607-722-4071
  • AAA City Cab Inc: 607-797-4444
  • Owl Taxi: 607-722-3447
  • Whalen's Taxi: 607-723-8388
  • Yellow Cab: 607-722-2322

International Student Resources

We understand that adjusting to a new culture is both thrilling and challenging, so Binghamton University provides our international students with as much support as possible.

As an international graduate student at Binghamton University, you will have access to the following resources:

Office of International Students and Scholar Services (ISSS)

ISSS assists with the visa process and helps you understand U.S. regulations that pertain to international students. In addition, ISSS offers programs and services to help you adjust to Binghamton University. These include:

English Language Institute (ELI) 

The English Language Institute (ELI) assists students who need more experience and instruction in the English language to do their best academic work. The institute offers courses as well as the Conversation Pairs program, in which non-native speakers work with student volunteers who are native English speakers. The pairs spend time outside the classroom to improve conversation and build student speaking skills. 

International Student Organizations

International student organizations help international students adjust to their new culture while sharing their home culture with others through social gatherings. They also help students find housing, locate services and understand U.S. academic regulations. 

Social Media

Contact current Binghamton University students via social media. Current Binghamton students connect with and assist prospective, newly admitted and enrolled students. They often respond to questions and assist with international student arrival. Prospective students in China should visit Binghamton University on

Computer Access

Computers in all of the University Libraries have software that allows students to input characters or scripts from various languages (such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Hebrew) into word-processing programs, e-mail, Internet search engines and database searches. This software will also help you communicate with family and friends. The University Libraries offer a session for graduate students to learn how to use the software.

Study in the States

Additionally, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has a website designed to help international students who want to pursue their studies in the United States. Study in the States provides current and prospective students with a step-by-step guide for what they need to do (in terms of documentation, visas and more) to study in the U.S.

Activities, Events and Entertainment

Discover the exciting attractions and interesting events happening around Binghamton, such as Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park, the Cider Mill, First Friday and more.

Contact Us

If you have any other questions, please contact the Office of Graduate Recruitment and Admissions. We are happy to answer your questions.