FAQ: Student-Alumni Programming Fee

What is the Student-Alumni Programming Fee?
This is an optional $15/semester fee assessed to undergraduate students which will enable the Alumni Association to enhance and increase programs related to networking, traditions, school spirit and class affinity.

What do we get for $15/semester?
The Alumni Engagement office currently offers a number of programs that engage alumni with the University so they can provide career advice, mentoring, job shadowing opportunities and, sometimes, internships to current students. Revenue generated will enable the alumni office to develop new programs on and off campus and serve more students. We fully understand our students want more opportunities to network and be positioned for career success when they graduate. Without the fee, we cannot make this happen for you. One hundred percent of the money we raise through the fee will support our student programming. And, you'll have a voice in creating our programming as we are launching a Future Alumni Network (FAN), which will work in close partnership with the alumni office.

Why ask us for more money? Can't the state cover it?
As you've probably heard, funding from the State of New York covers a very small amount of the costs associated with providing you with a Binghamton University education. The same could be said of the state's ability to support student-alumni programming. We are in a climate of declining resources, and the Alumni Association is underfunded given the size of our University and alumni body.

Why do I have to pay this fee?
You actually don't have to; the fee is - and always will be - optional as we don't want the fee to be a burden to students. If you'd like to opt out, complete and submit our refund form. Unfortunately, this must be done each semester; the University does not have a procedure enabling a single and perpetual opt-out.

What is the deadline to request a refund of the fee?
The deadlines are Dec. 1 (for fall semester) and Feb. 4 (for spring semester).

If I don't pay the fee, can I still participate in Alumni Association programs for students?
For many of our programs, the answer is "yes" as paying a fee – or not paying a fee – doesn't change your relationship with us. However, some programs will have limited capacity and in fairness to students who choose to pay the fee, we will give them priority.

Is Binghamton the only school that has a student-alumni fee?
No, similar fees have already been established at a number of SUNY schools. The amount we're charging at Binghamton is either the same or nearly the same as other public institutions across the state. Just as with tuition, the fee is significantly less than what you'd encounter if you attended a private institution.