Binghamton University Mentoring Program

Find a mentor online

Building your career can be exciting but intimidating at the same time. To make it easier for you to transition into the working world, we are providing you with an opportunity to obtain career advice from people who have been exactly where you are, know what you're feeling, and have found their way into a rewarding career. 

The Binghamton University Alumni Association is committed to helping current students develop their careers by introducing them to successful alumni in a variety of fields. Much of this networking has been face to face; however, there is a very strong need to facilitate and build these connections online. This is where the Binghamton University Mentoring Program comes in. Through our software platform, you can tap into Binghamton's global alumni network. This program is open to all Binghamton University students. 

Once you create your account, you can add information about yourself, search for alumni in your field and region, see a list of matches and reach out. Communication between you and your mentor takes place within the platform, but could develop into conversations by email, phone or in person.

Want to find a mentor? Start connecting now with our alumni. If you have questions, contact Megan Borovicka in the Office of Alumni Engagement at