Volunteer your time


I want to thank you for considering a volunteer position at the Anderson Center and personally welcome you to the ARTSCORPS.

Programming at the Anderson Center enhances the quality of life for all members of the community and university. As an ARTSCORPS volunteer you will be supporting the primary presenting organization serving the Southern Tier of New York and its offerings of major touring orchestras, ensembles and soloists, new music, dance, and non-traditional forms of all performance genres.

The Anderson Center is a forum for ideas, a place that offers nourishment for the soul and entertainment to renew and enhance life. The Anderson Center provides a place where artists and audience can communicate. The ARTSCORPS help create optimal conditions for that aesthetic communication and is integral to the success of the total evening.

The production is brought together and organized for the benefit of the audience. When the organization has been effective, it will appear to the audience that the performance "just happened - like magic." The audience arrives, the performance takes place and aesthetic communication occurs between these two elements. To prevent intrusion that may influence or interrupt audience enjoyment of a performance is the fundamental obligation of House Operations and the ARTSCORPS.

The ARTSCORPS maintain a sense of sophistication that tells patrons something special is about to happen. Your activities make the patrons feel comfortable so they can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. The way ARTSCORPS greet patrons upon entry to the Center, check their tickets, provide them with programs, and answer their questions demonstrate how pleased we are they have come. Feeling welcome and comfortable the patrons are disposed to relax and truly enjoy the performances offered at the Anderson Center.

The ARTSCORPS is the first act of every performance that occurs here. We hope you are up for the challenge and rewards of being a part of this group and invite you to join the cast for the "first act".

Casey Korchynsky
House Operations Director

Casting Call

Looking for volunteers who love and appreciate the arts and are willing to foster and support aesthetic communication between artists and patrons.


  • be friendly and helpful for all patrons,
  • attend the mandatory ARTSCORPS training session before beginning volunteer duties, and
  • work a minimum of four shows each fall and spring semester.

All individuals with a love of the arts, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or national origin, are welcome to join.

Joining The Cast

Instructions will be available on this website once the Anderson Center resumes accepting ARTSCORPS applications.

Artscorps Roles

ARTSCORPS are responsible for patron comfort and safety before, during, and after the performance. They assist in enforcing regular House Rules, either directly or by notifying a Staff member, e.g., no smoking, no food or drink in the theater, and no recording devices. ARTSCORPS provide one of three basic services when volunteering: Greeters, Ticket Takers, or Door/Program Ushers.


Greeters are the first to meet patrons on their way into the theater. You are responsible for answering basic questions as well as ensuring that patrons are directed to the correct hallway and/or theater.

Ticket Takers

Ticket Takers ensure patrons are in the right place at the right time. You are responsible for directing them to the proper door of the theater.

Door/Program Ushers

Door/Program Ushers assist patrons in finding their individual seat and hand out programs

All ARTSCORPS are inside the theater during the performance and assist with patron comfort and safety during that time. Your friendly smile lets patrons know you want to assist them.

Tony Award

Each year the star ARTSCORPS performer is awarded the Carolyn Donovan Award. This award celebrates the spirit of the complete volunteer, and recognizes the ARTSCORP member who most clearly fulfills the roles of ARTSCORPS and volunteer.

The ARTSCORPS is the first act of each show. Good ARTSCORPS members recognize that it is their obligation to set certain aesthetic standards in all their communications. They are willing to do everything in their powers to give the artists and patrons the chance to communicate.

Volunteers are more than someone who gives time to an organization or a cause. A volunteer is someone in tune with the needs of the organization and seeks to fulfill those needs through their efforts, though there are no financial remunerations. Volunteers are the heart of the organization.

Carolyn Donovan, 9/20/29 – 5/11/96, joined ARTSCORPS in spring 1992. From the beginning she distinguished herself by exemplifying the qualities we want in an ARTSCORPS member. Her passing away in spring 1996 was both a shock and loss to House Operations. In her memory and in recognition of the magnificent qualities she exhibited, the Anderson Center has instituted the Carolyn Donovan Memorial Award.

This is "our Tony" and is awarded annually to the volunteer who best exemplifies the spirit of the ARTSCORPS.


ARTSCORPS volunteers support artistic endeavors at Anderson Center events. They have the satisfaction of contributing to the patrons' enjoyable entertainment experience and their actions ensure that high-quality cultural events are available to the community and the University.

ARTSCORPS members may receive a university photo ID. The ID provides access to University facilities such as the library and gym, and discounts to University events.

ARTSCORPS volunteers have the opportunity to earn comp tickets and attend shows they do not work for free.

ARTSCORPS members earn two comp tickets each time they work five shows in either the fall or spring season. Comp tickets are good for most shows presented at the Anderson Center. ARTSCORPS may also purchase most tickets at discounted prices.