Anthropology Graduate Organization

Anthropology Graduate Organization

  • Overview

    Selecting a graduate program for an advanced degree can be difficult. You are confronted with a daunting range of variables that go beyond the hefty cost of a graduate education. The faculty, curriculum and student support networks are also important factors in selecting a program. In this vein, the Anthropology Graduate Organization (AGO) offers its services.

    The AGO is the backbone and support system of the graduate students in our department. We support and represent all graduate students in the anthropology program at Binghamton University, State University of New York in departmental and campus-wide affairs.

    AGO meetings provide a forum to discuss issues that concern us as students, including curriculum selection, departmental affairs, discussion groups and social gatherings. The AGO has been an important part of negotiations in bringing new faculty to the department, as well as in distributing departmental resources. In addition to advocating for anthropology graduate student rights and concerns, the AGO seeks to increase the interaction of students and faculty across the sub-disciplines through academic and social functions.

  • Contact & More Information

    If you are interested in the AGO, our programs, and/or want behind-the-scenes information, please contact our AGO Steering Committee graduate student representatives:

    If you're interested in more general questions and comments, direct them to Laura Potter.