Graduate Awards

Graduate Departmental Awards:

Richard T. Antoun Graduate Fellowship in Anthropology

The Richard Antoun Graduate Fellowship in Anthropology, named for a former professor (1970-2009) of sociocultural anthropology at Binghamton University, is awarded annually based on merit and is designed to support doctoral students in anthropology, preferably in sociocultural anthropology. The Antoun Fellowship funding package includes a stipend, full-tuition scholarship and health insurance.

Criteria: Candidates for the Antoun Graduate Fellowship must be admitted to the anthropology doctoral program, be eligible for funding by the standard criteria of the Graduate School and be making excellent and timely progress toward degree completion.

  • Previous Winners

    2010 – Bilge Firat
    2010 – Susan Pietryzk
    2011 – James Verinis
    2011 – Jennifer Luedtke Kennedy
    2012 – Jason R. Kennedy
    2013 – Kathryn M. Olszowy
    2013 – Layoung Shin
    2014 – Yang Zhan
    2015 – Polya Brandoff
    2015 – Susan Vanek
    2016 – James Hundlly
    2016 – Hande Sarikuzu
    2017 – Sule Can
    2017 – Jessica Santos
    2018 – Amy S. Robbins
    2018 – Kellam Throgmorton
    2019 – Frances Harrison
    2019 – Erin Riggs
    2020 – Victoria L. Brown
    2020 – Alex Velez

Isbell/Siggins Andean Archaeology Student Research Grant

This research grant has been established to benefit graduate students in Andean Archaeology at Binghamton University to help them establish research programs in the Andes and/or travel to field sites in the Andes.

Criteria: Masters or PhD level students focusing in archaeology at Binghamton University are eligible for this grant. Recipients must have a demonstrated interest in Andean Archaeology and a need for funding for field research in Andean Archaeology.

Little-Isbell Research Grant

This grant will be used for "pre-research" field trips where graduate students who are trying to set up contacts in the field, logistics, field sites, etc. can go take care of those activities that would typically not be covered by other traditional funding sources.

Criteria: Must be a PhD student in the Anthropology department.

Travel Grant

Graduate students can receive up to $250 in reimbursement from the department for travel or research.

Binghamton Awards: