Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities in Public Archaeology

Studies conducted by the Society for American Archaeology and the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that careers in archaeology are available and growing at a faster rate than many other fields. The vast majority of these positions are found outside of academic institutions and in the field of public archaeology. Public archaeology includes private archaeology firms, governmental agencies, public outreach programs, museums, heritage centers, and educational organizations. Many career-oriented professional positions within public archaeology require Master's degrees, even for entry-level positions. Very few institutions in the United States offer programs explicitly designed to successfully train and place students in the growing field of public archaeology.

The goal of the MA in Public Archaeology (MAPA) is to provide students with advanced practical experience, cutting-edge technical training, a large network of contacts, and the comprehensive disciplinary knowledge needed for a career in professional archaeology. Unlike many other graduate programs, the MA in Public Archaeology at Binghamton University is integrated into our world-renowned PhD program. This integration results in an atmosphere of intellectual rigor and methodological innovation rarely found in most MA programs. Our program is designed to graduate students who have become well-rounded and capable researchers, and professionals with practical skills based on a strong conceptual framework in archaeological research.

A critical aspect of MAPA is professional development and network building. At Binghamton University, students are given opportunities to conduct independent projects leading to presentations at local, regional, national, and international conferences. Contacts built through these meetings are enhanced by our large network of alumni, many of whom work as professionals at universities, private firms, and government agencies. Students also build their own contacts through summer internships in museums, CRM companies, archaeological laboratories, and other institutions.

Together, the training, experience, and networking offered through MAPA opens doors to a wide range of professional positions and careers.

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