Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a pre-professional degree with intense focus on studio arts for students who wish to pursue art as their career. Students graduate with the exhibition and professional portfolio, and are prepared for the careers in creative industries, fine arts or pursuit of graduate degree. The degree requires 74 credits, in the area of concentration within the Art major. Students can choose to major in:

Requirements for BFA:

  • Four introductory courses.
  • Five elective courses from the intermediate level, decided in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies or faculty advisor.
  • Five studio courses in one studio discipline of specialization.
  • Three art history courses.
  • Seminar in Studio Art (ARTS 496).
  • Senior Exhibition Seminar (ARTS 499) critique and exhibition = 2 credits.

TOTAL: 74 credits

*Please note that a maximum of six transfer courses may count toward the major, no more than three of which may be in the area of concentration.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Art (BA) is a 48-credit degree in fine arts within the liberal arts context. The BA is suited to students who wish to double major or broaden their educational experience with particular skills in studio arts. Students can choose to major in:

Requirements for BA:

  • ARTS 171 – Drawing I
  • Three 200-level ARTS courses, including one course in Concentration area and two courses from other Concentration areas
  • One 300-level ARTS course in Concentration area
  • One 400-level ARTS course in Concentration area
  • Three 300- or 400-level ARTS courses, decided in consultation with the major advisor
  • One 400-level Special Studio Projects course in Concentration area
  • Two Art History courses

TOTAL: 48 credits

Studio Minor

The minor in studio art requires a minimum of six courses, and is intended for students who wish to add studio art experience to their undergraduate studies.

Requirements for Studio Minor:

  • Beginning, intermediate and advanced level courses in one of these areas of interest: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography, or Graphic Design.
  • An additional introductory-level course in an area other than the chosen area of interest.
  • Two courses chosen in consultation with a faculty advisor. One of these courses must be at the advanced 300-400 level, and may or may not be in the area of interest.

Honors Program and Transfer Credit Information

Honors Program: Departmental honors in studio are awarded to those majors who have completed a substantive body of significant work in one or more studio disciplines. Nominations for honors are submitted by individual faculty members, and the final decision rests with the entire studio faculty. Senior standing is required.

Transfer Credits: Most community colleges offer Art courses that fulfill major requirements and electives. Please note that a maximum of 6 transferred courses may count toward the major. For the minor in studio art, transfer students may transfer two courses equivalent to courses offered in the studio program.

Additional courses may transfer and count as part of the 126 credits needed for graduation and completion of an Art course will automatically fulfill the Aesthetics and Humanities General Education Requirement.

In Support By

The department is supported by the Elsie B. Rosefsky Visiting Artists endowment, presenting an ongoing series of exhibitions, lectures and seminars by visiting artists and notable alumni in the Elsie B. Rosefsky Memorial Art Gallery.

The Art program is also supported by the Art Student Co-op, a student-organized and operated source for art supplies.

Department of Art and Design offers merit-based student awards for all disciplines within the program: Johnny Hart Memorial Award, Edward N. Wilson Jr. Award, Carolyn Novogrodsky Memorial Art Award and the Martha Norcross Award.