The painting program at Binghamton University provides a rigorous training in the discipline, through an emphasis on both traditional skill-based practice as well as interdisciplinary approaches, all the while deepening the conceptual basis of making an image in today’s world.

Students can choose from a broad range of painting classes, beginning with introductory courses, which lay the foundation for painterly techniques and formal aspects of painting, to more advanced concept-driven courses. Introductory classes cover the potential of still life, figure and landscape, as well as investigations into abstract painting. Intermediate level courses provide expansion on the narrative and thematic sequence of works, in a variety of media.

At the advanced level, students develop a well-articulated body of work, as well as an artist statement, and are skilled in presenting their work to a broader audience via group critiques, exhibitions or presentations. Critiques, demonstrations and visiting artist presentations and exhibitions are important components of the curriculum. Painting concentration is housed in spacious, naturally lit studios with ample space for class activities and individual work. Students are provided with private lockers, painting storage areas as well as with 24/7 access to facilities.

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