The photography program at Binghamton University is a curriculum that emphasizes the critical and content-driven approach to contemporary fine art practice. Students are exposed to the expansive field of photographic techniques and concepts in a sequence of classes focused on the development of technical skill, personal vision, and innovative approaches to the medium itself. Core classes in traditional black and white darkroom and digital color photography are offered, in addition to courses that integrate historical processes, advanced image manipulation, and emerging technologies.

Students work across this spectrum, encountering photography as a tool for observation and interrogation into a wide range of social issues and personal themes. The work created in the photography studios stresses curiosity, problem-solving, analytical thinking and an engaged approach to communicating across our image-saturated culture.

Students work in facilities that include a traditional black and white darkroom with 10 workstations equipped with new Beseler 23CIII-XL enlargers and an ancillary darkroom designated for alternative processes and special projects. The digital lab houses 14 iMac workstations, an Epson P9000 44” large format printer, Epson P800 inkjet printers, flatbed and film scanners, and color profiling system. Lectures and critiques are held within the main Photography classroom, which also functions as a multipurpose finishing/presentation space.