The sculpture program at Binghamton University provides an educational atmosphere that encourages students to think independently and critically, gain a command of the varied technical processes and media inherent to sculpture as a means of realizing ideas and develop a true understanding of both traditional and contemporary sculptural issues.

We emphasize a high level of production and an extensive, ongoing critical dialogue that provides students with a broad foundation of technical, conceptual and professional skills to facilitate the execution of their ideas and careers. The sculpture concentration encourages an interdisciplinary approach that fosters an individual vision, experimentation, inquiry, rigorous making and risk taking.


Encompassing 3,000 square feet of studio space, the sculpture facility is well equipped to assist students in their development. The sculpture studio is a spacious facility with dedicated workshops that offer a range of materials and processes such as bronze and iron casting, metal fabrication, wood and stone carving, clay, plaster, wax, resins and plastics, along with two woodworking shops as well as a critique/lecture space.

The studio is equipped with Tig, Mig, welding, and a plasma cutting system, a metal forge, metalworking and power equipment, as well as a vast selection of hand tools and access to state-of-the-art laser cutting, printing equipment and digital facilities. The sculpture studios provide ample workspaces for assembly, installation projects and large-scale fabrication, including four indoor overhead hoists. The facility also offers an outdoor courtyard for working and temporary installations.

sculpture 1

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