Undergraduate Biology Minor

Minor in Biology requirements

  • BIOL 113, BIOL 114, and BIOL115

  • BIOL 401 OR BIOL 311 OR BIOL 332

  • BIOL 351, BIOL 378 or BIOL 355/373

  • Eight additional credits in BIOL at 300-400 level, but not BIOL 490 or BIOL 491 

All courses taken to satisfy the minor must be taken for a letter grade unless mandated Pass/Fail by the instructor.

Residency requirement: A minimum of 12 credits of BIOL courses numbered 300-level and above, including the two core courses, must be taken in Harpur College in order to qualify for the biology minor.

At least four of the courses in the student's minor program must be in addition to those counted toward fulfillment of the requirements for the student's major (and for the other minor, if the student pursues two).