Teaching opportunities

For students who wish to expand their learning environment beyond conventional course experiences, there are a variety of opportunities to consider: research with faculty on campus, internships, which may be local or anywhere in the world, or teaching as an undergraduate teaching assistant. All of these opportunities, if properly arranged, can earn credit towards graduation, and some can earn credit towards completing the Biology major requirements. It is essential that you develop your plans by engaging with a faculty member to serve as the research advisor, internship sponsor, or instructor of the class for which you TA.

Learning by Teaching

Serving as an undergraduate teaching assistant is a valuable way to increase your mastery of course material and lab skills. Undergraduate TAs earn credit for their contributions by registering in Biology 491.

Application for Biology 491 Practicum in College Teaching

Details such as tasks and credit hours are set by the faculty member who teaches the course. Grading is Pass/Fail and the credit does not count toward fulfilling requirements of the Biology major, but it does count towards the Harpur College total credit requirement. (Note that Harpur College sets limits as to how many credits a student may earn as an undergraduate teaching assistant.)