Honors Thesis

Distinguished Independent Work ("Honors Thesis") in Biology (BIOL 499) or Biochemistry

This award is open to all students who have a G.P.A. of 3.3 in Biology courses and G.P.A. of 3.0 overall.

To qualify for this award:

  • Must work in research (Biology 497 and 498) for at least one year.

  • Must have enough research results to write an Honors thesis.

  • Must present your work orally to a committee of 3 faculty members and friends.

Students who complete this work are recognized in the Commencement Program and
in Harpur College ceremonies on graduation weekend.

If you are interested, start by discussing this with your research advisor. If the decision is to go ahead, you will need to ask two other faculty members in the Biology Department to be on your committee. Then there is a simple procedure to follow, which your research advisor will guide you through.

Research opportunities

How do I get research experience?

1. Course-Based Research Experience
Biology offers a variety of courses that provide true research experiences. Some of these courses are entirely research based, others have research based components. These may be a good place to start.

2. Research in a Professor's Lab
You can receive course credit as 297, 497, or 498 by working in a professor's lab. To do this, you must first determine which professor you are interested in working with. Then you will need to initiate a research relationship with that professor. This is best accomplished by contacting the professor directly.

Information about professor's research programs can be found here. The Undergraduate Research Center at Binghamton University is a good resource for opportunities as well.

3. Research in other Institutions
You can also receive course credit as BIOL 495 for research done at other institutions. Information on how to receive this credit can be found by visiting the internships page.