Biomedical Engineering Honors Program

The Biomedical Engineering Honors Program is designed for high-caliber students who are interested in more vigorous and in-depth academic challenges.

Students enrolled in this program will have access to a variety of research opportunities unavailable to other students.

To graduate with honors in BME, students must attain a 3.5 GPA for all courses necessary for graduation. Students also must complete a 3-credit hour biomedical engineering honors research project course. Students must propose research projects (in conjunction with a faculty advisor who will sponsor the work), conduct the study, and write and defend an honors thesis.

Students can present their honors thesis work in the BME Honors Thesis Symposium organized by the Department Honors Program Committee. An Honors Research Advisory Committee composed of at least three BME faculty members will evaluate the work and thesis, and will determine whether the student satisfactorily completes the honors thesis work.

The 3-credit hour honors research course can be counted as a BME engineering elective to satisfy the undergraduate degree requirement. Non-BME majors or exceptional students who lack one or more of the BME major requirements may petition the undergraduate program director for acceptance into the BME Honors Program.

Students who are interested in this program must register for the program by completing a BME Honors registration form.  Please download the form to make it fillable. The form must be submitted to the Biomedical Engineering Department Office.  

The BME Honors Program Director will review and approve the student’s declaration of the Honors Program. The honors thesis must be submitted to the Biomedical Engineering Department Office within two weeks after the thesis defense.  An honors degree form must be completed and submitted to the Biomedical Engineering Department Office.

Frequently Asked Questions