Graduation Requirements

Graduate Application for Degree (GAFD) and Recommendation for Award Form (RFA)

The Graduate Application for Degree (GAFD) and the Recommendation for Award Form (RFA) are required to notify the University of a student's intent to fulfill their degree requirements at the end of the current semester. All graduating students must complete these forms on BU Brain.

  • You must submit these forms by the deadlines posted below.
  • If you need to cancel your application or change your diploma address, please email the Degree Coordinator.
  • Students who are degree candidates are not eligible for a time ticket to participate in pre-registration for the next semester.
  Spring 2024 Summer 2024 Fall 2024
Graduate Application for Degree   May 2 August 9 December 5
Thesis/Dissertation Electronic Submission (recommended deadline) May 2 August 9

December 5

Thesis/Dissertation Electronic Submission (final deadline) May 9 August 16 December 13
Conferral Date May 12 August 18 December 22
Recommendation for Award  May 17 August 21 January 7

* Very important: To be included in the Commencement Program, the application must be submitted by March 15, 2024. Otherwise, you can file your GAFD any time before the end of the semester - May 2, 2024.

How to submit your Graduate Application for Degree:
  • When confirming your enrollment for your final semester, you will be asked if you intend to graduate. If yes, you will be directed to complete your Graduate Application for Degree on BU Brain.


  • Select your Curriculum:


  • Confirm your name to appear on diploma:


  • Confirm your mailing address for your diploma:


  • You will receive the following confirmation screen when your Graduate Application for Degree has been successfully completed:


  • If you do not complete the Graduate Application for Degree when you confirm your enrollment, you can access it at a later time by clicking on the link on the Student tab on BU Brain.
  • If you have difficulty locating or completing the Graduate Application for Degree on BU Brain, please email
How to submit your Recommendation for Award Form:
  • Once you successfully your Graduate Application for Degree, check your email for a personalized link to the Recommendation for Award form:

RFA email

  • Click the link in the email and log into the myBinghamton portal:

Portal screenshot

  • Click Update and Submit to make changes to the form and enter your information:

update and submit

  • Enter information about your degree:
    • Master's recipients: if applicable, enter the thesis title if you are completing a thesis for your degree. 
    • Certificate recipients: enter the courses taken to complete the certificate.
    • Doctoral students: enter the highest degree awarded and the dissertation title.

enter info

  • Enter information about your advisors and committee members:
    • Master's recipients: provide principal advisor and graduate director information. 
    • Certificate recipients: provide program director information.
    • Doctoral recipients: provide dissertation committee information.  If your outside examiner is not employed by Binghamton University, please enter their external email address.


  • Once complete, click the submit button:


  • To update the information and save the form to submit at a later date, click Update and Save for Later.  Please note, clicking “Update and Save for Later” will not submit your form.  Students must submit the form prior to the end of the semester.  Contact your academic department if changes are necessary after the submission.


For information about Commencement, including dates and deadlines, a graduation checklist, and FAQs, visit Binghamton's Commencement website.