Designate a Community-Engaged Course

Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) course designation

Apply for CEL course designation.

The Association of American Colleges & Universities has identified community-engaged learning as a high impact educational practice. As a nation-wide norm, colleges and universities designate community-engaged learning courses which meet agreed upon standards vetted by the field's expert practitioners and faculty members from their respective institutions. Thus, designating Binghamton University CEL courses brings our institution closer to compliance with national engagement standards and eligibility for high level awards and recognitions. Designation of these courses raises awareness about the significant effort being made by faculty, schools and departments on campus to enhance student learning and deepen university-community engagement. ASL and CEL designation also allows students to make informed and intentional decisions in selecting courses that engage the community. Offering CEL designated courses brings Binghamton closer to our strategic goal of "enhance the University's economic, social and cultural impact through engagement from the local to the global level."

Academic credits

CEL courses are credit-bearing.

Service requirement

In CEL courses, service may be required for students enrolled in the course. There is no minimum number of service hours required, but the number of hours should refelct the importance of CEL in the course design and activities.

Benefits to community and students

In CEL courses, course content is directly linked to the service, which addresses community issues identified by community members. Course learning objective(s) are directly linked to service and mastery is expected and evaluated.

Structured reflection

In CEL courses, structured reflection is required with all students.

Student evaluation

In CEL courses, evaluation of students' roll in the service component of the course is required and should be linked to learning objective(s), include input from community partners and contribute to students' final grades.

CEL courses at Binghamton University

See examples of CEL courses at Binghamton University

Designation process timeline

(typically 3–4 weeks)

  • Instructor submits syllabus and application
  • Application is reviewed by CCE staff
  • Instructor and CCE staff meet to discuss the details of the course, finalize application
  • Course is approved, syllabus is posted on CCE website and designation code appears in the BU BRAIN