Double/dual degrees

What is a Double/Dual Degree?

In these CCPA programs, students earn two master’s degrees at the same time!

Here’s what to know:

  • You can earn a degree like this in just three years -- significantly less time than if pursued separately.
  • You pay less in tuition costs than if you were to earn both degrees on their own.

Advantages to Double/Dual Degree Programs

  • Benefits of these programs include:

    • Increasing your marketability with more options for rewarding career opportunities.
    • Growing your professional network of faculty and peers much faster.
    • Expanding your expertise and leadership skills in two different fields.

How to apply

To earn a double or dual degree, students must apply and be admitted separately into both academic programs.

What you need to know:

  • Applications for double and dual degrees are submitted separately, each requiring an application fee to the Graduate School.
  • Once accepted, students will meet with academic advisors to map out a customized program of study.
  • We encourage students to start both programs in the same semester. If you start one program late, you can still work out an individual plan to complete both degrees in three years.

NOTE: Visit department pages for more detailed information.