Dual Degree programs

Earn Two Master’s Degrees in Three Years

MSW and Master of Public Administration (MPA)

The 42-credit MPA program and the 64-credit MSW program can be completed as part of a 93-credit dual-degree program. The program requires:

  • Six semester of study
  • Full-time enrollment in the fall and spring 
  • Part-time enrollment in the summer sessions 

The dual-degree program prepares students for administrative positions in social service agencies. It also helps social workers gain the management skills needed for roles as supervisors, administrators and agency heads. Similarly, public administration practitioners recognize the need for specialized knowledge and skills to respond to an environment of increasing policy and organizational complexity within social welfare agencies. The program is designed to ensure students acquire both the management and social work skills necessary to excel in these environments. 

You will find more information about MSW-MPA dual degree program in the University Bulletin. The Bulletin in effect when you enter the Social Work (MSW) Graduate describes the processes and requirements that affect your progression to degree completion.

MSW and Master of Arts in Spanish (MA)

We offer a dual degree in Social Work (MSW) and Spanish (MA). Students enrolled in the dual degree will acquire linguistic and cultural competency as well as professional social work skills to successfully work with Spanish-speaking and Hispanic communities in the United States. While the language and linguistics courses offered in the Spanish MA will allow students to communicate effectively with clients from different regions and backgrounds, the culture courses will help them obtain a thorough understanding of the historical, political, and social processes that have shaped Latin America's present.

MSW and Master of Science in Student Affairs Administration (MSW-MS SAA) 

Careers in case management in higher education are on the rise. If this is an area of interest to you as a social worker, the dual degree in Social Work (MSW) and Student Affairs (MS) will further bolster your marketability.

The 64-credit hour MSW program and the 45-credit hour MS in Student Affairs Administration program can be completed as part of an 88-credit program.