The University has become identifiable by several symbols that are known as trademarks or registered marks. These include spirit marks and the “Bearcats” and “Binghamton University” athletics marks.

Licensing and trademark services

Binghamton University’s Licensing and Trademark Services program works to ensure the public properly identifies and associates University marks on products bearing the University’s logos, protects the use of the University’s name and symbols and shares the benefits derived from commercial use of these identifying marks.

Licensed vendors

A licensed vendor must produce all products bearing a University trademark or copyright. The University’s licensed vendor is Learfield Licensing Partners, which is responsible for the daily administrative activities generated by the licensing program. Learfield processes licensing applications, coordinates artwork approvals, collects royalty payments* and enforces trademark infractions.


While products intended to be sold as a fundraiser are not exempt from royalties, products intended for internal use by University units, academic groups and student organizations might be exempt from royalties.

Approval is mandatory for products bearing University spirit and athletics marks

The University’s licensing coordinator must approve all products bearing the University’s spirit and athletics marks. Failure to obtain approval from the licensing coordinator may result in the seizure of all non-approved merchandise and may also result in legal action.


  • Contact Binghamton University’s coordinator of licensing and trademark services, Michael Majewski, or 607-777-6229
  • Contact Learfield Licensing Partners’ brand management director, Rik Fitton, at or 616-395-0676