Finding Images

We maintain a repository of high-quality, professionally shot photos for use on the website on our Flickr account.

Choosing Images

Something about picking relevant, engaging photos. Don't worry about who is in the photo. No one else knows Billy graduated last year. If it's a good shot, it's a good shot.

Editing Images

There are a variety of tools that let you edit, re-size and crop your photos:

  • Free: Canva
  • Paid: Photoshop, Fireworks

Optimizing Images

More than 2/3 of the web traffic is on mobile devices or tablets, where users often pay for data usage. Reducing file size through image optimization is crucial. Once your image is edited and cropped, it needs to be optimized.

Also, remember that ten 100 KB images use the same data as one 1 MB image. If you are inlining a series of images, consider whether there may be a more appropriate way to accomplish your goal.