About TRIP

About Translation Research and Instruction Program

The Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP) began in January of 1971 with a Translator Certification Program that was established in the Department of Comparative Literature. The TRIP Certificate was formalized a few years later in April of 1974 as an official SUNY Graduate Certificate.

Those completing the TRIP Certificate enrolled in a newly launched translation workshop course. The course was an impetus for TRIP's creation of a Translator Training Program, which was funded as a Center for Translation and Intercultural Communication with a two-year grant by the US Office of Education. While founded among literary scholars, TRIP provided both literary and non-literary translation training from the outset.

With grant funding for the Center, TRIP created the Translation Referral Service (TRS) in 1974, in which graduate students, under the supervision of faculty members, provided translations for the Greater Binghamton region. Even after grant funding ended, the TRS remained open until 2008.

TRIP eventually expanded its course offerings. The TRIP Minor was approved in the 2005-06 academic year. The Department of Comparative Literature supported many students' interest in translation studies and practice until a TRIP Ph.D. program was formally approved by SUNY in the fall of 2004 and saw its first graduate in 2008. Rosemary Arroyo joined the faculty in January of 2003 and directed TRIP until June of 2007. She announced her retirement in late 2018. Michael Pettid, of the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, served as TRIP Director from 2010 through 2016. During his term, TRIP started the dual-degree program with Beijing International Studies University (BISU).

Marilyn Gaddis Rose

Marilyn Gaddis Rose was a Distinguished Service Professor for Binghamton University. She was honored in a Translation Studies Volume in 2012 that includes contributions by Binghamton University alumni and faculty. Several graduate student awards have been created in her name, including an annual fellowship stipend. The campus commemorated Professor Gaddis Rose's life on May 12, 2016 in the Anderson Center's Osterhout Theater.