proficiency exam instructions

Language and Translation Proficiency Exam Instructions

Make an appointment with the University Testing Center (UTC) for the designated exam date (this date will fall on one of the semester’s reading days) by following this link. Schedule your appointment in advance of the exam date, and no less than 48 hours prior. If the UTC is unable to schedule your appointment because you did not schedule by 48 hours prior, you forfeit your chance to take this exam and will need to make arrangements with your home department.

Once you open the UTC link, for “Choose a group,” select “Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP). Then, for “Choose an exam,” select your course name and language from the list (for example: “TRIP 525 – French Translation Proficiency Exam – (OPTIONAL)”). Note that the course name is intended for clarity only; this proficiency exam is separate from the course and your grade does not count toward your course grade.

On the computer provided by the UTC, translate the passage into English. You have two hours to complete this translation. You may use two dictionaries, one of which may be an online dictionary. Be sure to proofread your translation carefully.