BA Requirements

BA Program in Comparative Literature

The comparative literature major is designed to allow students significant freedom in designing a major with a literary emphasis. It stresses foreign language skills and encourages students to approach literature from an interdisciplinary perspective. The department's commitment to a vital engagement with literature and the arts, its encouragement of cross-disciplinary work and its strengths in the areas of literature, modern theory and philosophy, cultural studies and translation studies create a distinctive context for an innovative humanities major.


  • COLI 110, 111. World Literature I and II (or appropriate equivalents)

  • One comparative literature course at the 200-level or higher

  • One course in a foreign language beyond the 203-level

  • Three courses in advanced literature, art or related disciplines at the 300 or 400 level. These should be chosen on an individualized basis through consultation with the departmental undergraduate advisor

  • COLI 371. World, Text, and Critic

  • COLI 372. Works that Call Forth Thinking

  • COLI 481. Methodologies and Masterpieces Tutorial

The following three undergraduate seminars:

  • COLI 371: Seminar I: The World, The Text, The Critic. Offered once per year

  • COLI 372: Seminar II: Works that Call Forth Thinking. Offered once per year

  • COLI 481. Methodologies and Masterpieces Tutorial. Offered once per year

Note: Depending on prior exposure to the language, introductory/elementary language courses (typically language courses numbered 101 and 102 or 111 and 115) and intermediate I level language courses (typically language courses numbered 203 or 211) are required prerequisites for completion of the major.